Busy like a bee...

It is one of those times when I am physically very tired but at the same time very content.. Sounds paradoxical but so caught up with the excitement of creating that I cannot stop:) 

I am used to sharing images of my pieces on my newsletter and from the feedback I get, I know you guys love seeing them. But this time, I just want to share with you what is going on.. One can always see the images on instagram. And frankly I think there are to many of them right now:))

Pre-New Year is always a busy time. After summer we all come back to town and start concentrating on interiors, updating looks for the winter coming ahead. There are two great events coming up for me this fall that I would like to share with you.

The first one is Contemporary Istanbul. CI 2016 has a new space for design this year under the direction of my good friend Susan McMurrain. I am very excited to have a person like Susan who has extensive background in design and architecture to lead me and other artists and designers for this show. For this show, I have been working on a very special piece, IVY, a sculptural atmosphere lighting. As the name suggest, IVY takes inspiration from nature although it is very urban. It is a linear metal structure that moves along a wall and continues to grow on the ceiling..One can move its arms as well its petals.. So it is very personal and site adaptive. Like most of my pieces, the owner gets involved in the final piece.

Yet another exciting project is with Luxuria Istanbul. The owner/founder Zeynep Madra is probably one of the few people whose admiration - better said fascination - for glass is comparable to mine:)  Zeynep and I can go on for hours on pieces we love. I am thrilled to couple with her for a special event at Luxuria on November 14th where I will be presenting a new line of my Foresta collection as well as other Fy-shan Glass Studio collections that I find timeless. We hope to keep a well stocked representation of my collection at Luxuria after the event so to make New Year shopping easier for you all.

There are more exciting news and projects even as I write this but I will keep them for the next time to make sure I can fully convey the stories behind them with the joy I feel:)