Glass and it's endless possibilities

First of all, I do hope you all like the logo for the newsletter, 'Companion'  It is close enough to its original Turkish version ' Cam Yoldasim'... Under this new title for my newsletter, I will continue to share with  you all what I experience as I work with glass and how glass continues to be my companion through out this process.



Glass has a surprising role in my life. It is my common denominator...In a room full of people, obviously, I am inclined to meet the ones interested in glass. Living each day with this beautiful material, I am very lucky to meet people who look at life with a constructive attitude. Glass art brings the best in everyone.. I am fortunate to get to know these positive souls like yourselves who choose to share the magical world of glass with me.

That's how I met Ferhan Istanbullu... Our common interest and affection for the material naturally brought us together. And I am honoured to share her editorial in Radikal 'Glass and it's endless possibilities'  with all of you.