Kütahya Simav Mosque

To be physically present in the middle of a structure that has been with me over two years has been an uplifting experience, even though it required me to travel 500 kms each way within the same day!

'Galaxy' pendant  I fused calligraphy works at the altar I engraved vertical turquoise windows

Located in Simav, Kütahya, this modest yet unique mosque was renovated through a private donation of a businessman. The architectural project is by Birok A.S. of Izmir, under the close guidance of the founder and architect Sükrü Kocagöz,

Sükrü approached me with this great idea where we would apply the theme from my exhibition of glass works in 2013, Intikal, at Chalabi Art Gallery, for the interior and the architectural structure of the mosque. I was obviously thrilled but also hesitant as it is a rather large size project for me. However when Glass Furnace, Istanbul, which has continuously supported me in the past, once again confirmed their assistance in the production, I went ahead.

The actual production process took over a month and yet another month was spent on transportation and application of the pieces. And yes I did have my moments!!  But thanks to excellent coordination of the architects with the construction company, the pieces were installed with precision and excellent care. It wouldn't have been possible with out this teamwork.

It was with great pride and happiness that I got to visit the finalised project this week. The mosque has been in operation since past New Year , therefore I witnessed the joy of the residents of Simav, men and women,  as they peacefully finished their midday prayer and put on their shoes, grabbed their market bags that they just filled at the street bazaar and headed home..