Foresta and Invitation to M A G I C

It was the first spring after I moved into my atelier in Pera that I decided to launch this new location with a series of hot-formed free standing glass leaves that I later named FORESTA. That was almost 10 years ago and still to this date, I love making them! As they are only available to order, I probably have done not more than 30 or 40 and I remember each and everyone of them.. The curves, the colours, the way they dance in space..


Lately I started announcing dates and times when I would be doing something interesting at the hot shop in social media for followers to come and join me, and as I see it, to witness the magic of making glass. Last week was one of them and I was thrilled to have followers onsite to meet my team of glassmakers and watch us perform our ritual.. Click to see a synopsis of that day's performance and do join me next time to witness the M A G I C !!