Newsworthy Features

I would like to thank the press for their amazing coverage over the last two months!  Through these efforts, I can communicate my philosophy in glass  art and design and continue to enlarge my 'Cam Yoldasim' (*) community of glass lovers.

(*) 'Cam Yoldasim' unfortunately does not translate well into English.. So I rather explain it as oppose to trying to poorly translate:))  It literally means my glass companion but does not give the same warmth and sincerity I hear in its Turkish version. The phrase started to cling to me as I was describing the process I went through while I was working for an exhibition in 2009. It is meant to describe how glass accompanies me in my journey... How I came to express myself through glass..

And now, it further refers to those who accompany me in my journey.. So if you are taking the time in reading this, you ARE one of my Cam Yoldasim... Thank you!