From Pera to..

It is my first summer at Pera Studio. Every morning when I get in, I open my windows for fresh air and some breeze. About the time I arrive in Pera, Beyoglu is just recovering from the night before..

From my window, I hear the sounds of the streets as the trash is being carried out and glass bottles are being gathered to be thrown away. I do try to concentrate on what I am doing but cannot keep myself from thinking ‘Are these bottles going to be sent to recycling?’

I can no longer stay put so I rush down to the bar below me and with that first move I start talking to other bars in my area and asking them to give the empty bottles to me.

Most of these bottles are in shades of green and amber and I level them at a height appropriate for a glass and then add hand-carved designs on each one of them. Once finished, they look so elegant and brilliant that one can no longer imagine where they come from!

The young and creative group of newly opened Soho House Istanbul soon became fans of these glasses as one can not only use them as drinking cups but also as a container on a desk for stationery or with flowers as a vase and so on.. In no time, they became the turn-down-glasses of the hotel’s rooms.

As the story took such a turn, I asked Soho House Istanbul to start collecting the empty wine bottles in their establishment. As a result, a bottle of wine that was shared and enjoyed at Soho House Istanbul, soon turned into yet another turn-down-glass..  So happy memories continued to live and spread.

While new houses are opening around the globe, these glasses originating from Pera are finding their new bed-sides in London, in Barcelona and who knows where next..