Workshop at Alavya Hotel

It all started when a group of us went down to Alavya Hotel, Alaçatı for a retreat at the beginning of the summer. Only minutes after arriving to this beautiful location, I knew my glassworks need to be there! Thanks to Alavya team who welcomed this idea like their own, Fy-shan Glass became a steady guest of the hotel over the summer:) 

Fy-shan Vitrine at Alavya

Fy-shan Vitrine at Alavya

As Fy-shans continued to be hosted there, the enthusiasm grew and I started getting requests for a workshop. Not having a kiln there made it impossible for me. Or that is what I thought... Then I came up with an idea! I reached out to my friend, Serra Akıncı, who is an mosaic artist to do a joint workshop and she accepted with even more enthusiasm. 

So next weekend, 28-29 October at Alavya, we will each be painting a glass bird that I have prepared for all the participants and then Serra will show us to put that together into a sculptural work with mosaic. We got together with Serra last week to give it a try and here is what to expect:) It is going to be fun!