Last week in Berlin

I was back in Berlin last week to work on my upcoming show, Perched, and now the opening date is set:) The exhibition which will be in Aleppo room in Pergamon Museum will be opening on the 25th January and will go through April 3rd. So very excited for this great opportunity that has been given to me by the museum’s curator Miriam Kühn and my good friend Nadania Idriss who is the Berlin Glas’ director and founder. Thank you both!

My week started off with meeting my glass buddies, Jesse and Sadhbh  of Berlin Glas, who are the hands executing this project with me. After having seen Aleppo room, I had decided to add some more colour and texture to my birds and some movement. So quickly we adapted to the new routine and started to work on the birds one after another.


The following day, there was a pleasant surprise waiting for me at the museum! Nadania and I met Martina who interviewed me and made shots for a video clipping that will be on the museum’s social network to promote the show. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to be physically inside Aleppo room and feel the space and discuss the setting for the exhibition which made it all so clearer for me.



I also had the chance to meet Miriam to discuss more of the details regarding the show and one being the German titleJ After a few rounds of emails back and forth, the verdict is made: ‘Zwischenlandung’

 So, it is January 25th 2018 in Berlin! I couldn’t be happier...