Glass and Mosaic Workshop at Alavya Hotel

Sunshine and wide smiles greeted us as we made our way for our joint workshop with Serra Akıncı at Alavya Hotel in Alacatı, Izmir last weekend. Participants  from Izmir and Çeşme  as well as those who flew in from Istanbul just for this occasion,  joined myself, Serra in a beautiful room prepared by your hosts as our atelier for the weekend. We got to work right away as the enthusiasm was at its peak and soon the first birds were taking colour with the glass paints I have brought along. Then Serra took over as she introduced everyone to mosaic-making. The mission at hand was to attached the painted birds to large pebbles and then cover those pebbles with mosaic. The group did an amazing job working on round surfaces! As we finalised our first day, my good friend who was also one of the participants invited us to practice a great session of yoga where she guided those tired bodies to relax and expand again. While we concluded the practice with a warm Ohm, that instance was the heaven on earth moment for me:)

On Sunday after breakfast , the atelier turned into a little construction site as we prepared the grout mixes. Serra spent individual time with each making sure the pieces where finished correctly and helped everyone on their last touches. Then we took our birds for a stroll in the gardens of Alavya and took lots of pictures. Alavya team shared our joy with warm appreciation and interest.

Moreover, friends and acquaintances who knew I was there or who happened to be there, all stopped by and shared their appreciation to what I am doing, expressed how much they like following what I do with glass and thanked me for coming over to Izmir to do this workshop. I am a very lucky person indeed!

Participants in order of picture appearance: Nimet Yeğin, Nilgün Cömert, Nilgün Şirin and Dilek Bebe-Jans, Meltem Yıldırım Kaplan, Jinet Sidisarfati, Nadia Salur, Gülgün Çayırlı