A fresh new collection is ready for me to present to you very soon. Today I would like to share with you the first pieces of the collection. The full line will be presented at Midnight Express Istanbul on May 3rd and I will surely remind you all:)

The idea came from the discussions being carried among friends as to life in Istanbul or more specifically the state Turkey is in these days. Everyone around me is worried.. very concerned about themselves, more so for their kids and there is constant struggle to figure out what to do if..

In chaotic situations like this, I always wonder how we humans take ourselves so seriously. We think we know all the variables and if we analyse them correctly, we can come up with the best arrangements for our sakes. However, there is such a substantial system beyond our control, our imagination.  Sooo much unknown that changes constantly. But even then, there is a perfect divine order..

These where the feelings and thoughts behind the pieces of COSMOS collection. Once they are out, they will become accent pieces and decorative objects,  however I hope as you view them in your environment, you can also be just present and feel the peace within..

                                                                 The Globe of  COSMOS

                                                                 The Globe of COSMOS

Saturn of COSMOS

                                                                     Star of  COSMOS

                                                                     Star of COSMOS