'Dazzled' for Contemporary Istanbul's 12th Edition will be at PG Art Gallery booth

When I stay quite for awhile,  you know I have been busy:)  As much as summer is a time to vacation and relax, it is also a time of preparation for the months ahead. And that has been the case: Working while relaxing!

And now it is time to show all that work. Starting next week, Istanbul will be busy hosting contemporary and modern art lovers as it opens its doors for Contemporary Istanbul's 12th edition and International Istanbul Biennial's 15th. 

I am excited to share with you all a new series of glass sculptures, 'Dazzled' that will be exhibited at PG Art Gallery's booth at Contemporary Istanbul starting on the 13th of September, Wednesday this week with a VIP opening and continuing till the end of the weekend.

Dazzled II

Dazzled III

Years ago,  I read a book by Louis de Berniéres called 'Birds without Wings' staged after the First World War and years later witnessing yet another flock of refugees in Beyoglu streets moved me to blow these birds during my residency in Berlin last April.. 'Dazzled' incorporates reflective qualities of glass coupled with movement to enhance the restrained flying of the birds in a circle. The images I use for the sculptures are photos of the 'Perched' birds which will  be shown in Berlin in December at the Pergamon Museum in Aleppo room...