Welcoming the New Season / Part I

As we say good bye to a beautiful summer, starts a new excitement for us at Fy-shan Glass Studio. It is the time to go back indoors and concentrate on what we have been ignoring all summer long. During such times, shuffling older pieces and rearranging the decoration of our living spaces is so much fun! And a great time to add in some new energy.

Here is where we come in with some great fresh pieces to polish your lives. We must admit that we have been ignoring the study rooms and offices of our glass lovers. This new ‘sommerso’ glass box with massive glass and unique hand made lid is a piece we have been dreaming of creating for so long. But it sure is not an easy piece to produce and that is why it took us so long. Each will be of unique look and size even though we aim to make a suggested size. A Muranese glass blowing technique called ‘sommerso’ meaning submerged - referring to dipping your colour into massive clear glass- is very vivid in this new piece, giving it a vintage yet contemporary look.

Traces of Murano and Venice are also in these ‘whispering’ vases. We love how they flirt and dance with each other as light shades on them and creates all those amazing reflections. One can use them on a desk to inject some spirit, on a coffee table or as part of a table setting at dinner parties. These for sure will find their spots in every occasion and environment.

We shall be back next week with more exciting news about more new pieces for this fall and winter. Till then:)