What's new?

As the summer days rolled in, we have been quite busy at the studio. While on one hand, we were lucky to have our touches in some elite residential and commercial projects, we have also added on new creations to our collection.

Let us start with our new additions:) To mark the month of May, our Animal Kingdom collection received a brand new piece: The Bull. So far the largest of the collection, as the creature requires to be so, it has a strong, massive but also an active presence. Offered in clear, new blue, amethyst and olive, the piece is a limited edition and signature work.


A beautiful new extension is in our Eternity collection. As Fy-shan is a preferred brand for unique works and for special occasions, we added new cast sculptures representing eternal relations, bigger than life friendships and endless gratitudes rooted from ancient infinity symbols. While the Eternal Bond can be customised in your preferred two colours, we love the aquamarine and pine green combo!

It is summer after all. You guys should not be doıing much reading:) So we shall be back with more next time! Have a great summer:)